Now, more than ever, we need public servants who will fight back against the disastrous policies of the Biden Administration. Inflation is on the rise, Americans are left behind enemy lines, and the crisis at the border is out of control. Rick Holdcroft has the experience and the plan to make Nebraska a great place to live, work and raise a family. A family man, a military veteran, a businessman, and a lifelong Republican, Rick Holdcroft is the right man for the job in District 36.


Rick Holdcroft believes life begins at conception and should be valued and protected from that point on. He will fight every attempt to force taxpayers to fund abortions and work to defund Planned Parenthood. Rick Holdcroft will never waiver in his support for life in the Nebraska Legislature.

Pro-Second Amendment

The most basic role of government is to defend Americans and to never encroach on citizens’ right to defend themselves. In the legislature, Rick Holdcroft will always make sure that your 2nd Amendment rights are never infringed upon.

Grow Good-Paying Jobs

Government doesn’t create jobs, it kills them with endless regulation and crippling taxes. Rick Holdcroft will cut the red tape, get government out of the way, and keep taxes low so job creators can thrive in Nebraska.

Back the Blue

Rick Holdcroft served 28 years in the military. He understands public service and he knows the personal sacrifice the men and women in law enforcement make to serve our community. He will stand up for law enforcement against the attacks of the radical left.

Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Wasteful spending plagues Washington, D.C. with trillions in taxpayer dollars wasted on pork projects. Nebraska government is no different. We must root out wasteful spending and return those tax dollars to taxpayers where they belong. You know how to spend your money better than any bureaucrat.

Lower Taxes

When government spending is out of control, taxes follow. Rick Holdcroft will work to lower the tax burden on Nebraska families every day. Retirees, homeowners and small businesses are being run out of the state due to our outrageous tax structure.

Quality Education

Our kids deserve an honest education free from politics. Strong educational outcomes are critical to both our children’s future and Nebraska’s future. Our school’s primary focus should be providing excellent academic outcomes for all children to best prepare them for the future. I fully support placing parents in the driver’s seat when it comes to their children’s education, and I will support transparency in school curriculum.

Affordable Healthcare

Government interference in our healthcare system has caused skyrocketing prices. Obamacare has added to the mess by taking away many Nebraskans choice of health care providers, reducing quality of care. A market-based approach to healthcare and less bureaucratic red tape is the solution to our health care crisis.

Defend Agriculture

Agriculture is the lifeblood of Nebraska, and we know our land better than bureaucrats. Puddles are puddles – they are not wetlands. Ditches are ditches – they are not navigable streams. Lesser Prairie Chickens are great birds, but the economic consequences of federally listing them as “threatened” are totally unjustified. Farm dust does settle and is not a visibility or clean-air issue to be controlled by unelected bureaucrats.